High Density Urethane – HDU (Foam Signs)

Most people are familiar with brick and mortar monument signs, and we provide those, too… but how much do you know about foam (HDU) signs?  Foam signs can be molded to just about any shape or size.  They are very durable and a great way to promote and brand any business or organization.  Our signs have a proprietary plastic coating to encapsulate and protect our signs from the effects of freeze-thaw, mechanical impact and abrasion. This durable polymer provides protection that far exceeds the requirements of any City, State and Federal zoning authorities. We understand that every day is not 75 and sunny, and to prove our signs are the best, they are tested under real world, extreme weather conditions – from sub-zero temperatures to desert heat. The results of the testing prove your monument sign will stand the test of time.


Poly-Armor Lasts for Decades.  These monument signs handle thermal cycling and they will not crack, rot or deteriorate due to extreme weather conditions. The signs will maintain high impact resistance properties from the day they are put into service… and they are termite, carpenter ant, mold, humidity and salt spray resistant!


Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding these awesome monument signs.  We have samples in our showroom, or we can set an appointment to bring them to you.  Contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your next monument sign project.     817-447-4450    info@cooldoggraphics.com.

Stages of the HDU sign installation