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Cool Dog Graphics signs range from complex message boards and foam monument signs to temporary solutions such as yard signs and banners.  We also sell and rent banner and yard sign frames to keep your temporary signs upright, readable, and wind resistant.   Financing is also available for large signs $5K and over.  Click the following link to apply for sign financing:

Sign Types and Samples of Our Work

Foam Monument Signs

Chances are you’ve seen Foam Monument signs more often than you have realized.  They are an excellent choice for long lasting signs that are basically limited only to your creative imagination!  All foam signs are NOT created equal.  We only sell high quality foam signs with an extremely strong Polymer Finish that is resistant to heavy impact, insects and harsh weather environements that we are accustomed to in Texas.  When the ground shifts, foam signs retain their shape without separating like many masonry signs do, and they last a very long time!

You can choose from 56 standard models, or we can create a custom design unique to your business.  View our Foam Monuments page to learn more, or contact us at 817-447-4450.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


LED Message Boards

Cool Dog Graphics is a local distributor for Watchfire LED message boards.  These high quality digital signs are made in the USA and are considered one of the best in the Industry.  The message boards are controlled by your laptop or desktop with a wired or wireless connection,  and parts and service are readily available.

Burleson Texas Signs

Channel Letters

Channel Letters and logos are custom made to your specifications.  Most are used outdoors on buildings, monument signs, and other areas to draw attention to your business; however, they can be used indoor as well in some instances.  Most Channel Letters are manufactured using aluminum, acrylic, and/or lexan. LED lighting is added internally to light the faces of the letters, or installed behind the letters to create a halo effect on the wall behind them.  We can also combine facelit and halolit lighting together to create a very professional look.  We also provide solid plastic, metal and plexiglass letters without lighting.

Wall Graphics

We create, print and laminate full-color wall graphics for all types of commercial and residential areas.  The graphics are printed on different types of vinyl to enable adherance to most wall textures.  Matte and gloss finishes are available.  We also cut and install vinyl lettering for walls, windows and doors.

Directional Signs

Directional signs can be manufactured with wood, aluminum or PVC.  The panels can be attached to the building or cemented in-ground.  We also provide interior directional signs utilizing many types of materials, as well as ADA approved signs.

Banners & Frames

We print all types and sizes of banners.  They are printed in full-color on a high quality large format printer and hemmed on the edges.  We add nickel grommets to each corner and in 24″ increments.  We also provide banner frames for outdoor applications to keep the banners tight and easy to read.  Frames are available for purchase or rental.

Wall Logos & Letters

Three dimensional letters and logos are great for walls, monuments signs and other applications.  They can be manufactured with foam, acrylic, metal or wood.  They create a very professional appearance and office environment.

Windows & Doors

Perforated window graphics are growing in popularity due to the amount of advertising space, security and energy savings provided by this unique vinyl.  We can print full-color graphics on one side while providing security and better temperature control inside the building.  Click the picture to see more.


Billboards are printed using UV inks to last longer in outdoor environments.  They come in all sizes and can be installed directly to the face or utilizing straps attached to poles inserted in pockets on the edges.

Aluminum Composite Signs

Metal Signs - Aluminum Composite Panels

The most common material we use for metal signs is Aluminum Composite sheeting.  The panels are two sheets of aluminum with a PVC core sandwiched in between.  They are much stronger than standard aluminum and are available in both 3mm and 6mm thick panels.

Wood Real Estate & Construction Signs

Wood signs are a great choice for construction projects, real estate acreage and numerous other applications.  We use high quality painted signboard (MDO) for most applications because it lasts much longer than standard plywood and withstands harsh weather environments.

Coroplast Signs for Real Estate, Yards & Golf

Coroplast signs are primarily used for temporary applications.  They are an inexpensive alternative to other materials when you only need a few months exposure.  The most common size for yard signs is 24×18 inches, and the most common for small billboard signs is 48×96 inches.  The life of these signs can be extended with gloss or matte laminates.

Vinyl Letters & Logos

Vinyl letters and graphics are a popular choice for all types of applications including windows and doors.  Graphics or text with one or two colors are usually created using colored vinyl. Applications that have more than two colors are usually printed and laminated to allow unlimited color combinations.

Pole Banners

Cool Dog Graphics provides pole banners and pole banner hardware.  The two type of materials we use for pole banners are vinyl (similar to banners) and Sunbrella.  The vinyl banners are printed in full-color and the Sunbrella banners are screen printed.  .

Pylon & Pole Signs

We can provide numerous types of material for pole and pylon signs depending on the application.  We can build the signs from scratch or replace exiting panels.

Building Signs

Building signs can be created using several types of materials, the most common being metal.  They can be manufactured using channel letters or created as a one piece plastic face.  Building signs are only limited by your imagination and the building owner regulations.

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