Window and Door Graphics

Window and door signs include printed graphics, and cut vinyl for logos and letters. The two types of vinyl used for most aplications are solid (opaque) and perforated.  Perforated vinyl has tiny holes that allow you to see through the vinyl from the inside, but not from the outside.

Window and Door Vinyl

Cool Dog Graphics prints, cuts and installs window and door vinyl for businesses and vehicles.   We can also provide the vinyl for DYI buyers who want to install it themselves.   The vinyl is installed on the exterior of the doors and windows.  Printed vinyl has a laminated surface to protect the inks from UV rays and weather.  Perforated vinyl also has a laminate layer, but it is a differernt type of laminate that allows you see through it clearly.  Solid vinyl can withstand UV rays better than printed vinyl because the color is consistent throughout instead of printed on the surface, so we can install solid vinyl without laminate in most cases, especially if it’s white.  Darker colors fade quicker than lighter colors.  Window and door vinyl has lots of different applications, and we have included some pictures below to show you some of the applications we’ve done in the past.